S F Bay Tour


On this site, Harry takes you on a short
tour of the San Francisco Bay in his
Lancair 235/IO-290.
A retired physicist, he couldn't help
but give physics lectures while building
his Lancair.
Upon completing this project,he still
finds this to be true.
        So be Prepared !

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     Taken at Eagle & Rose Winery -- EAA Chapter Flyout   7/27/2002


  Golden Gate Bridge and the City


                                                San Francisco




                                        Brickyard Cove - Pt. Richmond


University of California-Berkeley


                                            Bay Bridge and the City


    We complete our Bay tour by flying along the Petaluma River,
        on course to the Petaluma Airport and the renowned
                             Two-Niner Diner.
                   It can't get any better than this! 


       Artistic Impression of a Nucleus-Nucleus Collision
                      at Relativistic Energy


 This is What a Real Nucleus-Nucleus Collison Looks Like.
   Incoming from the right is an O-16 beam nucleus having a highly
relativistic kinetic energy of 200 Gev per nucleon (for a total kinetic
energy equal to 3200 billion electron volts). Its collision with a
target nuleus (at rest) produces nuclear fragments from both beam
and target nuclei, as well as a large number of unstable particles
produced in the collision (mainly pi-mesons) that are typically
emitted in a narrow, forward-cone of angles.
             Photomicrograph taken at CERN, Geneva, 1986.



           Physics While Taxiing
   While taxiing from the East Ramp to Rwy19R
   at Concord (CCR), I had the following
   communication with a remarkably astute
   Ground:  7KT, I want to ask you about your.
      7KT:  My number,if unclear, is 137KT.
   Ground: No problem with the number.
           What I want to know is...is there any significance
           to your number 137KT ?
      7KT: There certainly is. 137 is actually one of the most
           fundamental constants in physics. It is known as the
           "fine-structure-constant"*. It appears in many equations
           in atomic and nuclear physics. In fact, it is so well known
           that if anyone needs any type of assistance in the world,
           merely by displaying the number 137 a physicst will
           come to his aid. Do you think your can remember
           all that ?
   Ground: I will never forget in all my professional career!
             Several days later, this exchange took place:
   Ground: (after call-up)  137KT, taxi 32R.
      7KT: Taxi 32R.
   Ground: I am the operator who asked you about your number
           a couple of days ago.
      7KT: Hello, I was wondering...what background do you
           have in physics?
   Ground: Oh, I have a general interest in physics, but no real
           training in it.
      7KT: Then why did you ask about the significance of 137KT?
   Ground: It just appeared to me that it might not be a random number.
      7KT: How right you are !!
    * The "fine-structure-constant" is actually 1/137, but that is a
      trivial detail here.

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This web-site resulted from an introductory computer course given
at the Lawrence Hall of Science, UC Berkeley. The course was developed
and given by Don Evans, with assistance from Erik Moberg.
Almost as much fun as flying !

Lawrence Hall of Science

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